Internship and student teaching scholarships

These scholarships are for CHS undergraduate students who enroll in internships or student teaching experiences. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $2,000. The larger awards will be considered for students serving in unpaid experiences within the state of Iowa.


Applicant must:

  • Be an undergraduate in a College of Human Sciences major and maintain enrollment during the scholarship period.
  • Be registered for a 400-level unpaid internship or student teaching experience that is:
    1. required for the student's CHS degree program
    2. credit-bearing during the semester applied
    3. not awarded with any other form(s) of compensation (including stipends, travel reimbursements, etc)
  • Work at least 180 hours across a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
  • Maintain enrollment in internship and finish during the eligible semester. Students who drop, withdraw, or do not pass the internship are required to repay funds to Iowa State. Should an internship be cancelled by the employer prior to the start date, funds must be returned to ISU. In addition, if the internship is cancelled prior to the 8 week mark or before 180 hours is accrued, the funds must be returned to ISU.

Written documentation may be requested from the internship/student teaching provider or ISU academic adviser regarding the estimated number of hours and duration of the experience as well as verification that the experience is unpaid. 


Scholarship applications open Feb. 15.

Reference letters

Two references are required. Review the References tab to perform an online reference request and to view the status of your reference.

How reference letters work

When you click on the References tab, you can make requests of your reference(s) by doing the following for each request:

  1. Completing the reference information fields.
  2. Clicking the Save and send email now button.

At that time, an email will be sent to your reference asking them to complete your reference by the deadline.

Status: Return to the Reference tab/page to view the request status. If any of your references have not responded, you can submit a request for that person again.

Deadline: The deadline for your letter(s) of recommendation is the same date as the application so it is important to send your references well in advance. Applications and references will not be accepted after the deadline. Deadlines are listed below.

Reference requests must be made through the unpaid internship scholarship application system. References submitted in other formats/places will not be accepted.

Please note: References do NOT see your application information.

Before you request

It is best to contact your reference(s) before completing any requests. This will prepare the reference to provide the recommendation and they can be expecting an email from the system. If your reference does not see an email from College of Human Sciences in their inbox, please have the reference check their spam folder.

Following up!

It is YOUR responsibility to return to the References tab/page to make sure each reference completes the reference by using the email link. Scholarship staff do not monitor references, nor contact you if they are incomplete.

If your References Page continues to be blank, follow up with the reference to make sure the email was correct, and the reference is aware that they need to respond to the email by clicking the link in it and completing the online form. You can submit a request multiple times, but it's best to follow up to ensure the email was correct.

Who should be a reference?

References should address your enthusiasm for your intended major, academic and leadership qualities, character, and potential. Make sure you are 100% confident they will say positive comments about your performance. Recommenders can be a supervisor (past or present), teacher, instructor, coach, adviser, club leader, etc. Letters should NOT be from a family member or friend. Ask permission of the reference first, before listing the individual as a reference.


The scholarship is only valid for the scholarship listed on your application. Students can edit their application and internship information up until the deadline.

Scholarships are credited to students Ubill.

Applicants must have a completely unpaid internship experience to qualify. Students with any kind of stipend or reimbursement are not eligible for this scholarship.

Funds will be sent to the Financial Aid office no later than the date indicated below. Processing may take a few days.

Scholarship application timeline

Expected dates are posted. Dates may change prior to the scholarship opening.

Spring semester: 2021

Dates Status
October 1 Applications open for spring interns and student teachers.
December 9 Deadline for submitting applications and references
December 10-11 Applications are scored by committee
December 14 All applicants notified of status
December 21 Deadline for applicant to accept
December 21 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid

Summer semester: 2021

Dates Status
February 15 Applications open for summer interns
April 25 Deadline for submitting applications and references
April 26-28 Applications are scored by committee
April 30 All applicants notified of status
May 6 Deadline for applicant to accept
May 7 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid

Fall semester: 2021

Dates Status
February 15 Applications open for fall interns and student teachers
August 1 Deadline for submitting applications and references
August 2-4 Applications are scored by committee
August 5 All applicants notified of status
August 12 Deadline for applicant to accept
August 13 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid