Instructional resources

The following are core services offered by the college, along with some commonly requested services provided by other campus units. If you require a service that is not listed, contact the unit most likely to offer the service to see if it can be provided. Accommodations are based on available resources, time, potential impact, sustainability, and with consideration to whether the service is already provided by another ISU unit.

College and university services

Library Course Reserves

Supporting Unit: Parks Library

Contact: Course Reserves, Main Desk Parks Library, 515-294-4958

URL: Course Reserves

Note: For materials to be ready by the beginning of classes, request course account through Canvas at least 5 weeks before the start of the semester.  Allow 3 weeks for availability if Library must acquire material.  Allow 7 business days for processing of Library owned materials before assigning for students use.

Order a Canvas account

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Karla Embleton, 515-294-9198

URL: Account request form

Note: ODL can order an account for a specific class, a special project, or an administrative task. This service becomes available 1 to 2 days after order is placed. You are not required to go through ODL to order your course. See the ODL tip ‘How to create an account…’ for step-by-step instructions.

Canvas help, training, design

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Karla Embleton, 515-294-9198, and Ann Bugler, 515-294-5812

URL: Canvas Tips from Online and Distance Learning

Note: Call or email for quick question. Schedule 1-on-1 training sessions for more involved support. Online and Distance Learning staff can assist with all aspects of Canvas course design and troubleshooting. If you have a question about how to do a specific task, check the ODL tips collection. Support is also available from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CELT). This service takes 1 to 3 days.

Course webinar services and support

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Jessie Christensen, 515-294-6452

Note: Support for Zoom and WebEx webinar services related to credit courses.

Instructional design and content creation

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Ann Bugler, 515-294-5812 or Karla Embleton, 515-294-9198

Note: Design and capture services vary from course to course. Please schedule a consultation meeting with Online and Distance Learning staff.

Audio video services

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Jessie Christensen, 515-294-6452

Note: Online and Distance Learning can assist with course-related videos, including Panopto, Studio, storage and streaming, and basic capture and editing. Contact ODL for more information.

Online tests, surveys, forms

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning

Contact: Karla Embleton, 515-294-9198

Time: 1-3 weeks

Note: Free online survey coding for instruction, administration, and research activities in Qualtrics or the current learning management system (Canvas). Does not include survey distribution or response analysis.

There are several other for-hire units on-campus that provide a wide range of survey services, such as RISE, Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology, and AccessPlus. Iowa State has a license for Qualtrics, a web-based service that allows the campus community to easily create and manage surveys.

Bubble sheet processing

Supporting Unit: ITS

Contact: Solution Center, 515-294-4000

Time: 1-2 days

URL: Test and Evaluation Services

Note: Instructions for using and submitting bubble sheets are found at . Bubble sheet scores can be directly imported into your Canvas class account if you complete and submit the online form available in your course. The form is located in Course Tools > ISU Admin Tools > TES tab.

Webinars support 

Technical support for webinars

Supporting Unit: Online and Distance Learning and CHS IT

Contact: CHS IT Request Page / Jesse Lamp, 515-294-6812

Contact: Online and Distance Learning office / Jessie Christensen, 515-294-6452

Note: For credit classes: Make arrangements with the Online and Distance Learning office for technical support for an entire semester at least 4 weeks before the course begins.

For non-credit events: Make arrangements with the CHS IT office for one-time technical support. Arrangements should be made as soon as possible in advance. ODL staff may also be able to assist if there are no conflicts with credit courses.