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Request to Increase Unit Base Budget Funds

Hiring faculty

Hiring procedure (doc)

Request to fill a faculty line (doc)

Start-up template (xls)

Hiring P&S or Merit staff

Request to fill a P&S or Merit line (doc)

P&S performance evaluation form

This is available on the P&S Committee page.

Post tenure

Review cover sheet

Review guidelines

Summary of changes to PTR policy

Faculty handbook

Promotion and tenure

Applying for and being granted promotion and/or tenure is the product of hard work done by the promotion and tenure candidate, their department/school executive officer (DSEO,) faculty colleagues, promotion and tenure committee members, and a support team of administrative assistants, faculty mentors, and other interested parties.  The College of Human Sciences provides resources and support to direct the process within the college en route to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost (SVPP).

The following documents provide information needed by candidates and their support teams.  Read these thoroughly and refer to them when you have questions:

Guidelines for Promotion & Tenure (PDF) - last updated 5/2019

Timeline (PDF)

The following documents/templates are mentioned in the Guidelines and are required pieces of the P&T process for CHS faculty.  Similar versions of some of these are housed at the SVPP website, but the following are formatted for ease of completion and to include information needed by CHS:

Checklist (doc)

Cover sheet (doc)

Factual Information Summary (doc)

Log of external reviewers (doc)

The Curriculum Vitae Shell (doc) is a template that is mentioned in the Guidelines and is strongly recommended, but not required, by the college.


The following links provide information about the promotion and tenure process at Iowa State University:

Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

ISU Faculty Handbook

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)