Product development and sourcing

Major: Apparel, merchandising, and design with the product development and sourcing option.

After starting their education in apparel, merchandising, and design, some students choose to focus on the production or product development area of clothing and textiles.

Are you interested in...?

  • Analyzing fibers
  • Coloring or styling textile colorist
  • Developing different products
  • Fiber or fabrics market research
  • Product development
  • Products life-cycles
  • Product innovation
  • Buying materials for a company
  • Product sourcing
  • Engineering apparel products
  • Working in a lab
  • Assisting or managing production
  • Checking quality assurance

If so, consider one of the following:

Product development

  • If you like learning about trends
  • If you want to help plan, create, and present apparel products

Degree: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Bachelor's Degree with product development option.

Production and sourcing management

  • If you're interested in where different apparel items come from
  • If you're interested in how apparel items are mass-produced globally
Degree: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Bachelor's Degree with production and sourcing management option.

Is Product Development right for you?

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Behind the Scenes Day

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