Application process

The following information applies to programs coordinated by the College of Human Sciences International Programs Office, and other offices on campus may have different procedures or requirements.

Start searching for programs

Start your search for a study abroad program on our study abroad programs page. You'll see CHS coordinated or related programs listed. Clicking the name of the program or the picture will take you to the program's brochure page on ISUAbroad. ISUAbroad is the website where all study abroad programs and applications are housed. Each program has its own ISUAbroad brochure where you can learn more about it including highlights of academic and cultural activities, program prerequisites, criteria for participant selection, required insurance, costs and financial assistance, withdrawal penalties, and who you can contact for additional information. 

You will start your application from the program’s ISUAbroad brochure by clicking the “apply now” button. If you are interested in more than one program, you will need to apply separately for each program. For assistance with ISUAbroad, check out our All About ISUAbroad FAQ document. 

Parts of the application

Each program’s application at ISUAbroad asks for different information, but there are five basic categories:

Signature documents

These are legal documents that you will sign electronically. They cover the terms and conditions of your participation, and they will help you to understand more about the expectations of the university when you participate in a study abroad program.

Academic advisor form

This is a form you will complete with your academic advisor if you are going on a semester study abroad or non-faculty-led short-term program. You will print the form off from your ISUAbroad application, and make an appointment with your advisor to discuss the courses you plan to take abroad and how those courses will work in your degree plan. It is important to speak with your academic advisor before going on any study abroad program to learn more about how the course/s you take abroad will work with your degree plan. 

Application questionnaires

Information needed to review your application is collected through a series of questionnaires. Depending on the program, you may be asked to write a statement of interest, to provide an unofficial transcript, and/or to provide a resume. You will also be asked questions about your previous conduct, and you will need to provide an emergency contact.

Learning content

This section contains information about passports and insurance.


Depending on your program, you may be asked to choose one or two people to provide an electronic recommendation supporting your application. Your recommender(s) should be able to speak to your academic background and to your ability to be successful on a study abroad program.

Application review

After you submit your application, the study abroad program’s coordinator and/or a faculty member will review it. You will receive an e-mail from the CHS International Programs Office letting you know if you have been accepted, not accepted, or put on a waitlist.

Next steps

If you are accepted, you will be asked to log in at ISUAbroad to commit to the program or to withdraw your application if you have decided not to participate. Committing to your offer means that you are financially obligated to the program, so ensure that you understand the program’s budget and your financial resources before you commit.

There will be a second part of the ISUAbroad application to finish after you commit to participate. It will contain additional signature documents, application questionnaires, and learning content. The CHS International Programs Office will let you know via e-mail the deadline for completing the second part of your application.

If you are not accepted or placed on a waitlist, the CHS International Programs Office can try to help you find an alternative study abroad program that still meets your needs.