External funding accelerator grants

External Funding Accelerator Grants (Accelerator Grants) are designed to enhance the competitiveness of CHS teams to secure external funding, promote scholarly endeavors, and foster team effectiveness. It is anticipated that funded activities will enable a significant and meaningful boost in external funding and related scholarly productivity and provide opportunities for expansion and impact of scholarly work.

 The intent of these funds is to support a wide range of activities targeted at scholarship enhancement. Examples of activities that could be funded include visiting another investigator’s research laboratory to learn a specific technique, spending time with a colleague at another university to prepare a grant proposal, visiting a project officer, hiring a grant-writing consultant to facilitate development of a proposal for $500K or higher, or attending a regional conference sponsored by a federal funding agency. These examples are intended to spark creative thinking rather than represent an all-inclusive list of possible activities.

Complete Details: Refer to the External Funding Accelerator Grant form (doc) for complete details on proposal format, process and reporting requirements.


Proposals due: Ongoing

Proposals reviewed: First business day of each month

Funds available: Within 10 business days of approval

Funds spent: Funds must be spent within a calendar year of approval date.


The principal investigator (PI) for the project must be a faculty member in the College of Human Sciences.  Individual faculty members or teams of investigators may apply for Accelerator Grants.

Submission requirements

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail in a single document (in PDF format) to the office of the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education (ADRGE) at chsgrant@iastate.edu with External Funding Accelerator Seed Grant Proposal in the subject line. You will receive an e-mail confirming the submission was received.  If you do not, please contact chsgrant@iastate.edu.  Retain the hard copy of the signed proposal for your records.

This cover page must accompany your application.  Before submitting your proposal, complete the form, check that the information provided here complies with requirements detailed in the seed grant RFP, and obtain signatures from each party indicated below.  This cover page is formatted as a fillable form. If you have difficulty filling the fields, please contact chsgrant@iastate.edu for assistance.